Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Does It Take So Long To Add Series?

Adding a series should be as easy as uploading the files - right?  Well not quite.  I have about 45,000 files in my collection.  As you might imagine some shows are duplicated.  I have to make a determination as to which file is the one I want in the collection.  Sometimes the choice is obvious, sometimes it takes some listening.

Then there is the problem of mis-named or mis-dated files.  I find this problem arises as I am trying to eliminate duplicates.  Two files with the same date are two completely separate programs.  Here again it takes some digging.

Bottom line is that I use the a program called otter from the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group (OTRR).  It helps me to organize my files, eliminate duplicates, and find mis-labeled files.  But this whole process takes time.

My objective is at least one new series a week.  Is that slow - maybe.  However I am trying to sort out 15 years of collecting.  My guess is that when I am done, my collection will drop by several thousand files. 

When all of this work is completed I hope I leave give something to OTR hobbyists and new hobbyists.  Do I need your help?  The answer is yes.  If you find something wrong or have something to contribute - please let me know.  Your participation will be welcome.


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